Double Date With Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen


We flew out to santa monica to visit. Ted danson and mary steenburgen. Their house is carved into the side of a hill. It's a craftsman style. Bungalow built in nineteen twenty two and it has what is called a living roof which is covered with greenery to fight off climate change. Ten mary decorated themselves is very relax and homey mostly. It was their warm connection to each other. That grabbed her attention from the start. This is fun. Yeah we've been so excited. We're really that you asked us. Well you came to mind immediately. Really people are always asking us. How did you. How are you married too long. And what i like in likes me. He's cute boys smells and that's a big deal so smell good. Ted likes to play the rascal but once we settled at their farm style kitchen table and began to talk. He was so honest and vulnerable rule of four of us here. I'm the only one who's only married once. Yes i'm the third. i'm being married. Well that maybe that's an interesting way to start because you're a wild optimist or you're total. Denial i mean. I got married and college carnegie Halfway through and i think it's fair to say the real communication would have been I'm afraid to go to new york by myself. Are you oh well. Let's go Sharon apartment and buddies that would have been kind of the emotional truth but somehow we ended up getting married and twenty two and Married for five years good friends but certainly not you know a a marriage

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