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Lakeside moms with 67, making the transition onto the A threw up to hone all the way through the mesa into downtown. No troubles at all. Coco's next real time Traffic update eight minutes away at 6 10 are right, Coco News Time is 602 and more San Diegans are getting their first dose of the corona virus vaccine this morning. Health officials have expanded the current here, and that means police officers who have been waiting there being vaccinated It Scripts Memorial Hospital in La Hoya No word on how many law enforcement will be inoculated. That's because there's been a shortage of vaccine, but officials say getting started will be extremely helpful for those Uniforms. This phase one B also includes vaccinations for teachers, farmers as well as grocery store workers. Phil Farrar, KOGO needs We have more on this on our morning news page it co co dot com Meantime, there is a shortage of vaccine and it's closed pet Petco Park's covered 19 superstation until at least tomorrow, according to U C. San Diego Health, which runs the county's largest vaccine site at Petco. County officials are shutting it down all appointments for today and tomorrow being rescheduled. The site was also closed all weekend and they're doing the Madonna Vaccine C. D. C is giving the green light to distribute Johnson and Johnson's Corona virus vaccine. A panel for the agency voted to recommend the single dose shot for use in the U. S just days after the FDA granted emergency use authorization. Meanwhile, the covered 19 vaccine is not the only one to be concerned about. Especially if you're a parent this week of March 1st to the six this pre 18 vaccine week recommended vaccines include the HPV vaccine, which prevents cervical cancer and young women and cancers and wards for boys. The vaccine against manager cockle diseases also recommended the flu vaccine is recommended for everyone over six months, and the chicken pox vaccine offers protection from the virus, which is most often mild, but can be fatal. And the tea dad vaccine that's tetanus, Diphtheria and protests is grouped in one vaccine. Maryland Haider Kobo news he didn't fully commit. That foreign President Trump sounded like he might run for the White House again. During a speech at CPAC, former president Trump returned to the stage after a 40 Day absence. Chief back Do you miss me? He sounded like he'll run again and he's not over his November loss. We have a very sick and corrupt electoral process. That must be fixed immediately. This election was rigged and disappointed with the Supreme Court. They didn't have the guts of the courage to make the right decision and

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