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Come on news time. 7 54. Let's see what the drives like this morning. Keira Jordan's keeping track of it all in the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Well, I don't have any current blocking problems. But we are definitely building traveling. Westbound 5 12 approaching I five north five slow through to calm a city center, some lighter slowing as you're coming out of the federal way area there were heavy once again in Seattle from about mid Boeing field to the convention center. Without 99 509 getting backed up approaching the First Avenue South Bridge, and unfortunately it looks like our westbound travels on the Spokane Street by a doctor beginning to build between I five and 99 south and my five a slow from the ever balled 128th. And then we're busy again from Northland with much of the way into shoreline south out four or five. Also now with heavy drive coming out of alder wood to state route 5 to 2 westbound to a four over a mile solid backup right now is you're approaching the trestle North found four or five all dragged from the Valley Freeway into Newcastle. I'm also seeing has it Nation between I 90 in downtown Bellevue, North bound 167 lighter, often on slowing from highway for 10 into alguna Busy highway 18 toward to 77th, then very, very slow from 2 12 to 4 or five Our next Cuomo traffic out Ito forth and the weather looks like we're gonna stay Mostly cloudy for the day. Hi about 50. There is a chance of some showers here in their early on

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