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This part of the reconciliation package in the senate the parliamentarian though person in my view of integrity of misruled or agape faults opinion in this case. I believe the minimum wage clearly has a budget impact. If you raise people's wages they will pay more taxes. It certainly has more of a budget impact than the repeal of the aca head which the parliamentarian had role in order in reconciliation. This is why ultimately the decision belongs to the senate chair that is either the vice president or someone. The vice president designate. There is precedent for not listening to the parliamentarians advice and we are hopeful that the vice president or whoever is in the senate chair will do that. In this congressman. Connie what can happen. And what that precedent was a previous vice president so parliamentarian robert dove. It's worth listening to his entire testimony on youtube video. Basically explains that hubert humphrey often disregarded the parliamentarian when he was vice president. Nelson rockefeller nineteen seventy famously disregarded the parliamentarian to bring the threshold required for overcoming a filibuster from seven sixty seven votes which is what it used to be down to sixty votes so the we see clearly that there is a pattern of vice president overturning or disregarding a parliamentarian especially when there are a procedural issues regarding the filibuster the vice president here can do the same thing and or whoever's in the senate chair and that would allow fifteen dollar minimum wage to be in the senate package now people say well you already have a couple of senators who are going to vote against it anyway. I of all people are often. Say one thing. It's very different to vote against the president's first major initiative. I don't think they will sink the entire covered the over this issue. Secondly if we're even going to have compromise or negotiation with senators who may disagree with the fifteen dollars refers have to rule it in so they have an incentive to negotiate understanding that it can be part of the reconciliation package so you have people like raphael. A war knock who won but has to run against again in two years from georgia. It's wildly popular in georgia. Fifteen dollars an hour You've mark kelly arizona popular in arizona. He also runs again in two years. The significance of this congress members. These senators like mansion where it's popular in west virginia. He's now proposing eleven dollars an hour minimum wage but that this is bipartisan. Multi partisan fifteen dollars. An hour is

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