Makeup Artist Michael Anthony on Breaking Industry Boundaries

Fat Mascara


There is this idea that you have to put yourself in a box of. This is the kind of makeup. I do and that's something that i have always refused. I've never i've never said to myself. Golly gee the only way. I'm gonna make if i get like on a press tour for like a big marvel movie and work with like elite actress doing bronzes. Smokey is for a year. I i to me doing red carpet or like just beautiful everyday glam. That's like taking your first math course. That has to be something. That's in your back pocket at all times from the beginning. That's not like a goalpost for me so used to get frustrated by this idea that what excites me is like images with stickers and the jamie nelson hype imagery where it's like candy but what inspires all these agents in all these brands that are sponsoring things. Are these boring red carpet post with everyone pose like a tea kettle in front of. I'm like how am i. How am i going to make my way in this business. I will be so bored. If that's all i do you know that. I wonder why they liked that so much. I think that it's just an all an outdated structure but also to sell things. And if i get it i understand it. It's like if you are trying to sell something very specific. You can't have everything in the kitchen. Sink on it because people the general public can't dig through at all But i mean exist in a world. Where i can do. Both you know. Sometimes on the same people i can give you a beautiful red card. Bit just a nice fluffy lash and like a matt peachy lip and then the next day. We're going to give you like tapes and glitter and you know stickers and the whole kin

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