Seasons. Looking good. So far, they Just


To make some cool stuff. Good, Okay? S so Let's talk sports. Let's talk sports, shall we? And actually, there are lots of sports heard earlier. You're saying there wasn't very much But remember, we moved untiring football season to the spring, So we have March. Madness is within, you know, brains. We can see it from here. So you two let's start with you, judge as they beat the magic 1 24 to 1 on nine played without Mike Conley. Um they play the pelicans today and then the 76 years. Which is the number one team in the East by half game on Wednesday, And then there's the All Star Break. Uhm, there's 3.5 games ahead of the number two Lakers and seasons. Looking good. So far, they Just continue to impress in my opinion on then we had lots of college basketball. Um, so Utah, they beat number 19. USC there. That's an interesting team. They will be hosting Oregon State Wednesday, then the end with a issue on Saturday, Um You know they'll they'll make they'll make some noise in the tournament. So we'll see what happens. Aspires whether or not they get to the big dance your favorite

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