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Hey hey everybody. My name is john. I love movies probably more than ever. And this is douglas movies coming to you once again from just a few more weeks and we can go back to normal with another alone. Addition it's sunday march seventh twenty twenty one and while some people were be wearing divides ibook three guests. Jen kirkman weird. Al yankovic and returning champ frankenmuth. Hey everybody hey di hi. Let's say hello to everybody. individually starting with jen. Kirkman is here. And i still have to watch that movie recommended on this very show. Twelve th man again if you're not a war movie guy it's not for you but it's more of a solo survival in the woods movie. I kind of you anyway. Yeah that's the funny thing about it is that like You're kind of touching on simultaneously two genres debts. Not answer that into war and one guy trying to do. You know trying to get out of a situation. Once i saw robert redford trying to fix the boat. He was in for two hours. I'm out on these. Yeah yeah. I want airport because of your resistance to it. The way i am with certain genres is well may end up loving it. But i have no stake in it. I don't either way though. I know it's it's fun. It's fun hugh recommended. Like what i you know arguably guy movie. Yeah yeah why. Don't wanna watch it. But i you know i still probably will someday is supposed to be very good. I just wish does. He had like a wilson castaway. He's not alone volleyball latakia. Yeah no. He's not alone that he has people that that are hiding him. So we're alone on screen more than three to five minutes. But he's the only one running. Everyone else is innocent. Or you know what i mean. He's he's being hunted by hitler but no one else's here's another one. That's pure torture. There's a movie called. The it's called the hunted with willem dafoe and he plays a hunter who sets extremely intricate little traps for different kinds of animals. And you got. God bless him for learning how to make these traps. You watch willem. Dafoe make these traps in real. Time is the most one of the most boring things ever. Oh i could just watch a youtube video. I want that kind of boredom. Asm our stuff. If i want to a movie that kind of has the story for coming back janet's late to have you and whatever you recommend today. I promise i might watch it this now. This is more After your have to do it right now. Just i've just laid are ok young so very soon in the shower. Just giving buddy. I in and meet-and-greet yard because we all to weird al yankovic. Everybody dog how are you man dude. Have you kept track. I was talking to you before the show. And you said that you heard us playing The sunshine game right. And i have a question that's similar for you about how your music has been used in films. Do you know how many movies and tv shows you have songs in according to i m db is not at the top of my head. But i'm hoping you'll tell me right now. No i was so it's eighty five what that doesn't seem possible. Pretty good eighty five movies or tv. Shows what i don't and tv so i don't know like wow why i'm impressed. What's your favorite use of one of your songs in a movie. That you had nothing to do with creatively after not not a movie. But they used Another one rides the bus in the season opener of one of the seasons of the walking dead which and it made absolutely no sense. I loved it because it was just so random and completely stupid in a bus. No he will. I don't. I can't tell you really. What the context was. But he one of the protagonist in the show was in bed any. Here's another one from another room. Just i don't really understand why i get it. I remember now. Do you a fantasy sequence where he was imagining. Rife with this woman if you know if zombie thing was over so like in a perfect world all you really hear weird music. Is that the basic gist of it. Is that you know once everything's perfect. That's how you're gonna start your day. That's the only option weird twenty four seven. I mean no offense. But i hope it's at least the whole catalogue. I don't wanna hear that one. Don't want that to be the only. We'll have to wait and see what utopias earlier like. That's what i like about a lot of your parodies. Is you have fun with songs. And i did not like to begin with and then somehow you know and it turns you around on your version and there's so suddenly it all. I've heard that a lot about like like the blurred lines that people kind of like hearing version. That's not quite so rapi. Ninety seven percent less Also joining us today. The winner from last week's intense competition because his one of his own cohorts was on the program as well. It's tv's frank. Frank khan of hey doug back. I'm honored that you had asked me to come back. Well what is this week been like for you like. I knew what it used to be like when i'd win on that midnight and i'd be like champion of the internet for twenty. Four hours is just incredible. Like how much did you go anywhere on your own. Are- lifted and carried everywhere. You need you know any exhilaration. I felt from winning on. Your show was overcome by the resentment. I still have that. I was never on at midnight so you can hear that. There's so many. I have a list shows are never talk resentment shows but here you are you ready to be here. Utah guests possibly a winner today in this. Here's a weird question is kind of like from my other show wide world. Doug where we discussed people's names and we'd love to have you know avi over on that show but has anyone ever slipped in called you frank. It junior no one has. Even though. I am a junior but my dad. I am a namesake of my dad.

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