A highlight from A Wee Little Man (Zacchaeus)


Today story comes from luke chapter nine. Jesus and his team came to jericho after a tour. Some ruined walls. Jesus had of course found himself surrounded by raving fans. People argued about their favourite parables preferring the prequel parables. In some the sequel parables. Everyone was crowded around. The carpenter turned preacher. A man name zaccheus came out to see the celebrity appearance of jesus. Was the chief tax collector in the region not a popular guy with many of the locals because he took people's hard earned money and did so for a living but he didn't mind the unpopularity because he was filthy rich. The dirty glares from the peasants he could get over but what proved to be his biggest challenge in this scenario was his height zaccheus As a little man and he couldn't see over the crowd nevertheless sack he has found a conveniently placed sycamore tree and climbed up it to see jesus he really wanted to see jesus so he could show him off to his rich friends. The trees to next to the road right by where jesus would walk. It gave him the perfect observation point. Just as planned. Jesus walked down the road. His crazed fans screener the way to let them pass as he walked. Underneath the sycamore tree. Jesus suddenly looked up and locked eyes with sec. He s jesus spoke directly to him. Zach zaccheus come down from there. I'm going to be a guest in your house today. Beachie dubs oh okay. Startled zaccheus almost lot as balanced fell out of the tree. Anyone got a ladder eventually. Where the hell fewer jesus disciples. Sexiest got down from the tree. He led jesus whose house with excitement. Yeah he he's been skipped a little down the road. I mean a famous guy. Like jesus knew his name. He was a static. The crowed however had a very different reaction. While jesus is going to this guy's house zaki is is a terrible sinner. He took away my taxes and added an extra fee because he thought i a short joke. The only thing i said was i'm sure some of the taxes more people chimed in and why is gina's with that guy. Diseases know his reputation. He's horrible when jesus entered zakia says house. The tax collector did some quick tidying-up to make everything look presentable. He said i wasn't expecting company. But i'll tell the surinamese to put on lunch. It's fish friday. I mean we have fish every day but it's especially fish friday. Jesus hadn't said much. This point but zac. He's is the weight of the situation. Press against his heart sack. He has had certainly heard all that jesus stood for. He knew that under very few circumstances. What a rich guy like himself in a poor guy light. Jesus hang out so. He ignored the dirty dishes on the table. And turn to jesus lord. He has attended slightly. I will give half my wealth to the poor. If i've cheated people on their taxes. I will give them back three four times as much as i took. I wanna make this right. The ears of grumbling crowd perked up since they are right outside the window and they nodded enthusiastically about this plan. They liked it very much indeed. Finally jesus responded to the short tax collector. He waved his hand. Around the ornate dwelling salvation has come to this home today. The senate senator gestured twos kiss. This manner shown himself to be a true son. Of abraham someone who lives like god intended the son of man.

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