A highlight from REPOST One Giant Problem (David & Goliath)


Today's story comes from i. Samuel chapter seventeen philistines the enemy of israel and they ended up in a war. The philistines and the israelites. Both can't opposite signs of a valley preparing for battle but for now. They just taunted each other and made silly faces the direction of their enemies however one day. The silly faces ended. The philippines called out their secret weapon. A giant named goliath of gas. The guy is nine feet. Tall listened seriously thick and heavy armor. He had this spear that weighed more than most dudes of the day. Sokaiya steps forward footsteps causing many earthquakes. The israelites quick. To not because the ground shaking but because they were scared goliath yells to the other side in a big booming voice. He says why you dared. Come up to battle peers might deal the only chance you have choose a fighter from your side and send them against me if he wins than you win this battle we will commit to serving you but if i win and that is a lot more likely i mean have you seen the size of my biceps. Then you must be. Our servants client drove a hard bargain. It was an offer these relates couldn't refuse because literally they couldn't the philistines had a giant on their side. Seoul was the king of the israelites at that time. He looked down at his men of valor his fierce warriors. They were all train. Hide behind tints and barrels outta sight outta mind. One guy shouts knows goes in every soldier immediately puts their finger on their nose salsa that no one wanted to fight so he was greatly afraid. He did not know what they were going to do. Meanwhile in a city away from the battle a young boy named david of the city of bethlehem traveled to his brothers on his father's orders. David had to bring food news. Three oldest brothers who served in salt army. He also carried with him a wide assortment of cheeses for the commander of the army. David normally worked with the sheep but he left them in the care of another so he could go on this important journey. When david finally got to the camp and found his brothers he accidentally walked into a meeting. One guy was pitching an idea assault. Ekka i know how we can win. A trojan horse saw shook his head now. These guys are smart. Knowing intelligent people would fall for such a trick. We need someone to actually face giant. I'm offering tons of gold. Whoever faces goliath please note that payments on the condition. That you actually ah win. David wondered out loud. Why is this philistine. Taunting the armies of god. Why are we letting a happen. See david loved god. In fact he liked to write songs to god or songs about god he tended the sheep. He secretly desired to be a singer songwriter. Though his dad told him there was a hard industry break into just wasn't all that likely that he could do it so he was doing shepherd thing in the oldest of david's brothers noticed him and distinguished warrior and went over to his little brother. What are you doing here. What about the sheep. Don't tell me you came to witness this war this battle as clearly been labeled a right of our scene. The david shook his head confused his brothers outburst he kept saying if israel trust in the lord they could go up against elias. Finally someone brought him to king saw now have an audience with king. David said this is ridiculous. All go fight him. Sold at a spit. Take spitting now. Whatever historically accurate that he was drinking he laughed. Let me clincher. That will not be relevant for about three thousand years l. o. l. That means laugh out loud. Because that's what i'm doing no way you are a kid. Well you're a youth which is really vague term in this time period. So it's hard estimate your age glide is much older and has a lot more experience. David responded i'm a shepherd and an amateur singer songwriter. but that's not really relevant my now but the point is when a lion tiger or bear. Oh my which. St louis lamb. I actor that animal and take the land from its mouth.

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