Washington releases Alex Smith following quarterback's Comeback Player of the Year season

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Quickly. I have some news that has just come in from adam. Schefters twitter feed. And it's not a surprise but the washington football team has released alex smith. Who was this year's choice for the nfl's comeback player of the year overwhelmingly. So he has been released. They save almost fifteen million dollars cap space so in an off season. Where does shawn watson might be available. Dak prescott might be available. Russell wilson might be available louis. How interested do you think teams will be alex smith as he becomes available now. I think alex is a tremendous mentor. I think alex would be a tremendous bridge quarterback at this point in time these people are going to really try and connect the dots between him in chicago given his familiarity with matt nagy and that system that they run in chicago like it was in kansas city. I don't think that's a that's the option that they're looking for but look. I have nothing but infinite. Respect for alex smith at any team would be better served having him in their in their quarterback room for sure.

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