Liverpool's Mountain to Climb



The big game in the premier league today. It was liverpool against chelsea liverpool. Losing one nil. They've now lost five straight home league games for the first time in club history. Stevie nickel how has it come to this. Oh my goodness well as being a slippery slope I remember sitting here. What thirteen games ago liverpool. It's operatives league they had west brom coming up at newcastle coming up. They had only coming up. And we're talking about who's gonna stop liverpool routine in this tale. Thirteen games live like the forgotten how to play a front three. It destroying any defense was from can seem t- holiday short and i mean one show on goal today whole tells you the problems liverpool have going forward and of course we can say is unlucky so only so many times defensively but when you've got an this game today to defend with experience of of alexander arnold and forbidden new causing the goal then you can excuse so listen a team that feting games ago was straightened towards the title has gotten to the stage where this is not a surprise. This is actually when the final whistle went today. I wasn't surprised because this team is playing like a team that struggling as getting results like a team struggling and guess wha the struggling and is going to continue. I don't see an end to done given the problems that they have indefens- should club using more pragmatic approach. Not really. i agree with stevie exactly the same when they add west brought new castle after the seven zero win against crystal palace all it would move in weeks for liverpool. Thought stride clare. We can't keep blaming injuries because defensively it's never really been a problem. Little put off the power from man. City it's offensively where you start now live you. Think they all shot-shy the top end of the pitch. There's no confidence whatsoever. Most salga dragged off tonight Shutters huckabee rush back for beano to be rushed. Saudi-omani doesn't the same laugh. You can't reach them. What he does in terms of he's linka play but all of that's just not enough at the moment and liverpool. And i think you heard in new york and companies pressed hartford's afterwards. He looked absolutely shot. Looked deflated yoga club. The players the fans. I think they just want this season because a sudden it's disaster

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