OL Reign Land Bouhaddi and Marozsan on Loan From Sister Club Lyon

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The day we record this oil grain decided. They wanted to kick off the week with a bit of of a blast. Bit some fireworks to pretty awesome acquisitions or at least on loan acquisitions for the club which may not affect the challenge cup but will definitely affect the incoming year for oil rain I'll get over to you to give us some of the download on that okay. So this was big news. When leon got the ownership of of the rain we wondered what the implications of this would be is assistant vestments are. They're going to be recruiting opportunities. More money into the club. What is really look like right. As as of the day were recording. We saw some big news. That two of leone's players sarah body and a jennifer marijan are going to be playing for oil rain over the summer as soon as the season wraps up. This doesn't necessarily impact the challenge cup. But these are two of the best players in the world. Budi especially. I mean i would argue the best goalkeeper in the world This is huge for the rain. In the off season we saw some rain. Players go over to france and train with with leones team which was a huge benefit to them. But now we're seeing this as as this mutual partnership is talent sharing situation so not only. Are we seeing financial investment. Were seeing now. Some of the best players in the world coming to the nwa sell like we talked about this before. Steve about A lot of the american players. Like sam you is abigail. Kemper rose lavelle going overseas and leaving the nwf. But now we're seeing kind of the inverse happening. Yeah i think this is huge news. I mean the rainer ascendant as is but to get. This news is

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