Make Your Business Stand Out With Nutritionist Judy Cho


This episode. We're talking with judy. Show judy's an author speaker and nutritional therapists she's nutritional there with a psychology and communications degree from the university of california berkeley and she also has a function utrition and hellenistic house private practice and house of patients with health issues with non finding the true root cause of the problem. Welcome to the show. Thank you thanks for having me. I really wanna get you on the show because you're doing some really interesting things nutritional space as well as the business space so give audience some context onto who you are what you do and what you're about sure. So hi everyone. I'm judy chohan for those of you. That don't know me. I go by nutrition judy. I am on multiple social media platforms so youtube instagram facebook and i just share nutritional content. I kind of follow a meat based diet and so you know. I find a lot of healing in the space and for a lot of people. There's not a lot of information out there. And so i'm just providing nutritional therapy bits of information in these bite size portions and you know just making nutrition easy for people to consume. And i know there's puns in there. I guess they're all intended. And you know the thing is. I came from a business background. So i was a business management consultant for like twelve years and i worked with these big corporations and we were trying to find the ways to have more efficient processes. So i manage these multimillion dollar projects and my health started declining. And so as i got ruling into the whole science at a nutrition and understanding. How food can either be a slow poison or it can actually be medicine for the body. I realized that you know. I think my calling is actually in nutrition and not in business consulting but you know learning from what. I learned in management consultant. I can now like streamline the process to provide education that's understandable for the general audience. And so you know. I married that and my psychology degree. And that's how i've been able to be successful as a speaker to grow my social media relatively quickly and to you know. Build my own nutrition judy community. A now i'm about to release a first ever carnival cure published book.

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