How Chromium Helps Blood Sugar Control

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Chromium does and this is something really interesting. It was actually long thought to be toxic but then in nineteen fifty seven discovered to be an essential part of something that is created within our body called glucose tolerance factor more gt f for short and so the the mineral chromium when we get it from our foods inside of our body it incorporates into this compound called glucose tolerance factor and that is a compound this made out of chromium niacin which is vitamin b. three and then three different amino acids and then it creates. This complex called glucose tolerance factor. And that's kind of really the way the chromium works in our body to help us with our blood sugar levels because it would it does. Is it helps the insulin to be more receptive or more received by our cells to allow glucose into the cell to be used to create energy. Sounds like for those that are diabetic. They're lacking bat exactly. Yeah so that's kind of where a lot of the more recent research has gone is. What's the relationship between chromium intake in the diet. And people who have either prediabetes or type two diabetes so and typically what is found that people with any kind of blood sugar imbalances like that diabetes tend to be very low in chromium in their diet. Enough all right so late on me. How do we get it in our diet. Well there's a number of foods that contain chromium and then there's also the supplemental form of chromium taking it as a supplement to make sure you're getting enough. The challenge with getting it in your diet is the foods. It's kind of hard to know. Exactly how much in those foods because depending on where the food is grown and what the chromium content is in the soil. How much chromium. That's really going to have in a serving of that

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