A highlight from Real Estate Racism in 2021 with Nate Johnson


How we were a parrot. These are the words of poet. Amanda gorman may have resonated with me since she graced the steps of our nation's capital and hopefully inspired millions to meet this challenge. When i got the idea for a podcast about racism and real estate. I truly didn't know what i was getting myself into. Because if i i'm really not sure if i would have done that. I don't think i came to this topic completely naive. I am aware that racism runs deep in america. So discovering the depth and historic extent of organized white supremacy in real estate wasn't surprising when instill honestly grappling with is the other discovery. I discovered what so many people of color have known for generations who has been making the dream of home ownership purposely difficult if not impossible. The who for the most part is organized real estate industry. My industry and discrimination was never an accident. it was generally the intent.

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