Judge in Chauvin Trial Calls Maxine Waters' Comments 'Abhorrent'


The judge Anne Derrick Sheldon's murder trial has denied a defense request for a mistrial following remarks from democratic congresswoman Maxine waters water says Chauvin should be convicted and if he's not protesters should get more confrontational defense lawyer Eric Nelson says that amounts to a member of Congress threatening violence is mind boggling well I'll give you the care soon waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned but while judge Peter Cahill wishes elected officials would respect the rule of law and stop talking about the case their failure to do so I think as a Hornet he's rejected Nelson's bid for a mistrial saying he doesn't think the remarks will prejudice jurors have been told not to watch the news I trust they are following those instructions audio courtesy court TV Sager mag ani Washington

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