Tucker Carlson Ends Interview After Arguing With Guest Who Criticizes Chauvin

The Young Turks


Onto conservatives having meltdowns over justice while americans have been celebrating the derek chauvin verdict and of course he was found guilty of three charges in the murder of george floyd some conservatives are having difficulty in dealing with this news. They don't like this reality tucker. Carlson for example was so distraught with the verdict then he had a complete meltdown when his guest of former new york corrections officer dared to disagree with him. Take a look. I just think that it was excessive. What should and what. I'd like to see guy who did it. Looks like the rest of his life in prison. So i'm kind of more worried about the rest of the country which thanks to police in action. In case you haven't noticed is like boarded up. So that's more mike gavin. Thank you no thank you. that is of the sociopaths. I have more to say but john. Why don't you know. I think he should have the biggest audience. I think it's a good thing that country would out of everyone who does political commentary media. He should have the biggest audience. That madman there. Who freaked out joker style because something that he as an incredibly richmond will never be affected by happened and some people were like kind of temporary relief. That the justice system actually worked for once and he freaked out about that because this guest who he brought on presumably to agree with him about literally everything said that kneeling on someone's neck for eight and a half minutes is excessive which it objectively is. So i don't know how we're supposed to respond to that. The guy sent a reasonable thing and tucker carlson absolutely lost his mind and then cut the guys. Mike

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