President Biden Begins Climate Summit by Setting Ambitious Emissions Goals


In washington. Dc area today us. President joe biden hosted a virtual summit of forty of the world's leaders to set out. And i'm vicious set of goals to combat climate change and to set the tone of international collaboration in doing so. Here's some of what president biden how to say donation. Casale this crisis on our own. As i know you awfully fully understand all of us all of us and particularly those of us who represent the world's largest economies we have to step up those that do take action and make bold investments in their people and clean energy. Future will win the good job tomorrow and make their economies more resilient more competitive so let's run that race when more when more sustainable future than we have now overcome the existential crisis of our times. We know just how critically important that is because scientists tell us that this is the decisive decade and in that speech president biden vowed that the us would cut its greenhouse gas emissions by half by twenty thirty.

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