European Super League: What It Means for UEFA, Other Leagues

Hard Factor


European soccer league. This was trending on sunday. Basically it's a league that's in the works that would take the best teams from the english. Premier league la liga. which is the spanish league syria. Which is the italian league in the bundesliga. The german league and had them play in a top tier superleague which would be like a season. Long uefa champions league rather than those teams playing their regular leagues the other teams. Just fight it out for the top spot. What does that do to the regular leagues. So critics say it's gonna kill the regular leagues does so well. This is the one positive is it gives leads a fighting chance to win the mvp l. Yeah le- ot that you take the six best teams from england out and lead susan like ninth place right now. The top of it yeah. They're finishing top of the table. So go ahead. I don't like hate on this from kids. That never made the all star team. I wanna see a super league owners of teams like maybe not leads but like fulham's or not on the all star team they're like oh we don't wanna be destitute. Don't lost about invited the playboy mansion right. it's like the teams in laliga. That only sell tickets when real madrid comes to town. Those are the teams. That really. don't want it all now. that's that's interesting point because the so many teams but like you take away. Barcelona and real madrid from laliga. That's fucked you take. You can really fuck some of these leagues. You take byron munich from this leaker you fuck them. Yeah that's that's tough but a lot of the good teams have already signed up and said that they're down to do it so happened. Advertisers her in the money's in the money the money's there the teams are in. Yeah it soccer. So that's a billion layers red tapes. I couldn't even begin to unravel it. When i was reading reading for this but i we'll see if it happens.

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