How the Rockies Became the Hottest Mess in Baseball

The Lead


The rockies are playing like a team that just lost its best player as we record this. They have the worst record in baseball as bad as their record. Or is that number even a little bit deceptive the rockies are losing an very old timey kind of way. they're the old fashioned kind of bad team. They are like the new jersey devils of the nineteen eighties or the la clippers of the nineties. Or there like the cleveland browns of this century. They are not trying to lose. They're losing despite themselves. It's not the sort of cynical cost cutting that leads to teams losing now. They're the old kind of bad teams where they sort of bad building the baseball team and and it's starting to catch up to them in a way. I find this to be almost comforting. That it's still possible to have so many things. Just go wrong that you end up being the worst team in baseball so pure pure. That's good we're for is very pure. It's it's very clear that these owners has no one's learning lessons here. They are just sort of plowing ahead. Will rockies ever win with these people in charge. It's a really good question. Let me argue for them. I okay this is a team that made the playoffs twice in a row despite some serious disadvantages the rockies. Play at the least predictable ballpark. In all of baseball coors field is very difficult to tame is tougher pitchers but they seemed to have solved that problem. They developed a pitching rotation. That was the best in their history and they pitched their way to back to back playoff appearances on the flip side however they turned a playoff team in to one of the worst teams baseball in less than a year. They have made soling mistakes even within the last five years. It's very difficult to see them. Being the people who eventually turned this team around

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