James Bond: Goldfinger - Pre-Title Sequence Discussion


The pre title sequence in goldfinger has set the bar for all future bond films in terms of how the pre title sequence is treated and is so prominent a part of each movie guy. Hamilton was brilliant in encapsulating. All the traits and characteristics of ban from his stealthy nece toughness blunt instrument of the government. Kind of spy. Womanizer coolness dapper nece and determination to succeed at whatever it is. He's doing all rolled up into the pre title sequence goldfinger. This is brilliant. He sounds amazing now. Golfing is considered by many to be the move that set the full relentless chance for be for many years to come. The first phone pray title was from russia with love however that will very much outlining the movie and letting us now that donald red grant wasn't assassin trying to kill james bond the goldfinger pre title sequence on the other hand as almost nothing to do with the rest of the movie. There are two small wins. The first is in the nightclub. I'm we'll talk about that later. And the second east when felix makes bond at the fund. Simple tally miami. Beach bond size on holiday might have now and would put me into the best. How telling miami beach after gratitude. Maybe that holiday was for the job title. It just isn't clear. Most people think the pre pull has nothing to do with the rest of the moment. We in agreement guys go. I think there is a little connection there. And i think we hear it in the nightclub in the pre title sequence. I think that's interesting. Because i saw an interview by richard maibaum and he actually says we thought we'd do this little mini thing in front. That had nothing to do with the movie. So it's kinda weird because they did try to seem to tie it together but as the writer said we did this just to Have some fun yeah. I think he's in miami for two reasons. One am wants him to trace the movements of goldfinger who happens to be there and to its immediately. After completing his mission we assume in central america which is not all that far from miami. So deploying double oh seven on the goldfinger mission might be believable since he was kind of in the area yes. It's true as from russia with love. The opening pre title sequence begins with a dark dimly lit scene. There's somebody walking we see these three. Large cylindrical objects. They kind of look like silos. Who hear the sound of footsteps on the stone. The camera pans back over a building. We start to hear the sound of water lapping the shore of the sounds. Yeah the sound effect. Here is brilliant. Yes it's really only second sound we hear. Is this water noise now. We know something's about to happen on the shore and we have to remember the cameras like our is. It's turning to what catches our notice or intrigues us. So the cameras leading us somewhere. Yeah yeah l. Of the details a small fishing boat perhaps is in the left foreground. Looks like a little fishing boat as the light bays or white structure in the background and perhaps a distant palm tree it looks like against the night sky the touches of warp with some lights that iran break the darkness a chocolate a couple of exterior structure lights just breaks the monotony of the darkness of the scene. So all of this is just beautiful in terms of a picture of what's happening as any greek pre title sequence should do it makes us wonder. Where are we who is there. What is about to happen. The music also is suspenseful other music greed in here because it's kind of suspenseful and then all of a sudden the score changes to these horns so it's kind of jarring. And we see the siegel swimming on top of the water. We have the great water sound effects in this. Short bursts of horns are learning that. Something's going to happen in a second. We know why we see that. The seagull is attached to bonds headgear of his dry suit as he cautiously looks around here moves the headgear and tosses it into the water. A nice splash again. Great sound effects and you see the splash in get is probably not a good idea. Because it's a pretty big splash buddies trying to be clandestine. So what do you guys. Think of this siegel thing it's bond. I mean it's cute. Thank you what do you think of that much of the skies. Someone would have be watching that. Second he said amusing disgracing Will be speaking later on a bit. More about baxter yet start of things. Start to the formula spouse. We say okay we say james bond approach approaches seething. The vote using fight anymore accident coins. This concept gets us twice more in the future. In james bond babies so these prey title has impact. Not only on many pre-title secrecy to comb. Won't on the mind body of gunman these in the gym. I thirty two saline octopussy. Where james bond roger roger. These time approaches the palace in a fight alligator or a crocodile thinking a crocodile. He uses it again. His voter a meets kid when he finds. Vj was killed. We have all seen the crocodile submarine at the now closed. Bond motioning experience. It was very cool. Indeed it'll be nice if they reopened that exist that

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