FEMA chief says COVID-19 positivity rate among migrants is less than 6%


Continues at the Mexican border. The White House acknowledges a steady increase in the number of migrants being stopped at the southern border. The head of homeland security insists the situation is under control. Meanwhile, CBS is Nicole's Ganga says the governor of Texas and other lawmakers fear migrants. Are spreading. Covert. 19, FEMA's acting director, says less than 6% of migrants tested for covert 19 at the US Mexico border are positive. That's a lower percentage than the overall positivity rate in the state of Texas, which stands at 7.4%. According to Johns Hopkins University. Since the end of January, Texas's emergency management division has sent 40,000 Rapid Cove in 19 tests provided by the federal government to border communities that includes Brownsville, McAllen, Laredo and Del Rio.

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