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1200. It is a beautiful day in San Antonio. It's nice and cool. Kind of cool. It was cold this morning. Do there wasn't what it was cold. I have a loaded gun right now. We should take it off. It was almost kind of like PTSD from the winter storm. You know, you wake up, and it's like really chilly outside. But it didn't get quite that cold. But it was really windy. Yeah, for sure, so, but hopefully you were able to survive that. And if you're out in about be careful. But if you have a question for is definitely give us a call to 10737 1200. Phone lines are open, and we've been saying that for a couple of weeks Now as we get into the spring, now is a great time to get your vehicle in. Get it checked out to make sure that it's going to be good to go for the summer. So if you haven't made a Marine's meant to do that, or you haven't checked into, it definitely want to get that done there two times during the year that we recommend that you try to schedule or make a point to get your vehicle in one is in the fall, so the community so that you could get it checked out for winner. And the other time would be during the spring months so that you can get it checked out to make sure that you're going to be good to go for summer. And both of them are important here in South Texas, because obviously we do have you know a few weeks of winter and had a really harsh couple of week or one week. This year s. I definitely want to get it in and the fall get it checked out for that. But then the main thing that we worry about down here or have to deal with Rather is that the excessive heat that we have in the summertime so spring is definitely the important one. That's the one you want to get in. Get it checked out. Make sure your cooling system is all set up and all good to go take care of any maintenance that you might need to do on that system. Your wife's athe, the wife's A C is

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