Families. She's appeared on to today's show Fox and Friends. CNN. NPR had been a frequent contributor to USA Today and is a frequent public speaker. She's an author, most noticeably of AWOL, the unexcused absence of America's upper classes. Military service and how it hurts our country. So, Kathy, you aren't bored. You start to say busy. I get that impression, right? Every time we moved, I needed to find some some new occupation. So gave me a lot of time to do new things. Justin take a minute now and fill in some of the gaps. We talked about the family's talking a bit about some of the support. Yusa has Lot of the support that Yusa does Philanthropic Lee for military Children are non profit organizations that may not be on the radar. A lot of Americans. I'll just give a couple of examples, so I'll start with Blue Star families. Kathy already mentioned the Blue Star Families Neighbors program that really provides some structure toe how to be a great neighbor, Tomo Service members that live in your neighborhood. Even if you're not part of the Blue Star Families program because so many service members live in civilian communities to be conscious and aware of the fact when a military family

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