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Employee of FedEx. Jessica Rosenthal FUCKS New Liberty University says it's suing Jerry Falwell Jr. The school seeking millions in damages after a break up with his former leader last year. The complaint filed alleges breaches of contact a contract breach of fiduciary duty and statutory conspiracy. In part, it says Falwell negotiated a lucrative 2019 employment agreement while withholding damaging information from the school about a Personal scandal that would explode in the public view the following year. In a statement, Falwell says the lawsuit was full of quote, lives and has half truths and called it an attempt to defame him and discredit his record On Wall Street. Tonight, the Dow finished the day off 165 points the S and P 500 up 15, the NASDAQ Up 14 double drama, L traffic and weather next The latest numbers, openings and closings and how those viruses impacting your world. We're seeing a ride in case count on us for the latest on Cupid 19 ft. Falter Now this deadly virus will strengthen W m A. L Hello. Hello, Mrs Concerts. The back left tire of your RV calling.

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