Biden Will Withdraw All US Forces From Afghanistan by Sept. 11, 2021



It seems like finally after a really really long time. United states may be ending its presence not ghanistan president joe biden ounce this week that the us would withdraw all combat forces by september eleventh. Twenty twenty one. The twentieth anniversary of the september eleventh attacks and very close to twenty years of the united states being in afghanistan. Is this going to happen. Really and what does it mean for both afghanistan. M united states if it does happen. Those are the questions that we're gonna talk about today. Unworldly part of the box media podcast network. I'm zac beach. I'm here with jenna. Williams and alex ward. Hey man news twenty years in the making my goodness yeah. It's it's kinda weird That this has lasted long Like narcissistic louis. It reminds me that. I'm older than i thought i was. Because i really remember. They was very aware of the beginning of the afghanistan war. Like around thinking. I was not an adult. But like you know cognizant human being and we've been fighting it for twenty years certainly longer than my entire adult life. It's wild and he's definitely an adult so you're older. Sorry john i did not mean to make you feel great amazing. Making gen field is my favorite thing to do. Yeah it's great.

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