Prince Philip, husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, dies at 99

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Years old, and he was married to Queen Elizabeth for 73 years. Robert what's been the reaction in the UK? Well, it's fair to say that, you know, it's obviously huge news both in Britain on across the Commonwealth, not shocking because, of course, Prince Philip did. You could have been brothers 99, perhaps not even tragic, because he'd had such an active a life. But certainly this is in Britain today. A somber national occasion. He died at the age of 99 just a few months short of his 100th birthday at Windsor Castle. Come on. Now, there is this debate about the funeral, which will be problematic because of course, as we've just been discussing with covert restrictions, Crowds cannot gather on. According to the Duke's wishes. It won't be a state funeral, but it will be a funeral at Windsor Castle with it with a military procession. I think overwhelmingly the reaction in Britain as it plays out. Will be a deep empathy with the queen. Many people in Britain observing that she went out end her monarchy like Queen Victoria is that widowed queen on people very touched by how she paid that tribute to her husband to Prince Phillip, describing him as her strength and her stay. So I think overwhelming in Britain, it's a moment of reflection of remarkable marriage, a remarkable life. Other Duke but also deep empathy of for the Queen herself. She injures the difficult days ahead, and I think there's one other point I would make, which is people just fascinated with this extraordinary

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