Why Does Sex Die Out in Long-Term Relationships?


Hi rain thank you so much for joining us on the show today and you so much for having me today. We're gonna talk about sex in. We're going to talk about why it dies out in long term relationships and then the three types of sex and understanding those three types that you breakdown and how that can help us not reframe. How sex dies out. So why don't we start with having you tell us in our listeners. Why sex loses. Its bang from those first few months when you're together with someone new yes. This is a phenomenon that pretty much. All couples experience all around the world. Then they get to see that with my clients. Come from all over the. Us from australia. All of europe asia and doesn't amazing phenomena that the section of is hashing. It it's exciting. Can't keep our hands off each other. And then as drift happens once the couple gets into a more intense relationship more committed relationship. There's more responsibilities. Like children and the passions starts to die out. And i know from my own experience as a vendor working with couples folks who go through this. How confusing this. How come we were so excited. And passionate verge on the in the beginning and our love and our relationship seems so easy and now we just feel like roommates at best or worst fighting with each other. And so what i have seen and myself and my own couple. The couples i work with is that this is a really natural phenomenon. And it's nothing to be scared about and it's something that happens for good reasons for biological reasons and a call to action for couples. You really learn differently.

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