A highlight from Happy Birthday to Us: An Examination of the State of Things

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Hello adam jess and walk back to the infants of podcast is. It's been a little bit of a time of time since we've recorded a podcast episode We've been busy with life and stuff you know. Fortunately nothing happened in that time it all. Nothing significant happened since we recorded the like first weekend of january. I think it was when we last reported of the guests to end. It is the last weekend of january. Nothing at all has happened in january that we're complete slacking on this. But yeah so. I mean if you if you live in the us you know that we have adopted a new supreme leader. That's pretty interesting right so we could just take take a moment of silence to celebrate the fact that the last guy is no longer the the the guy who just take a moment k. Let us sink in. Four years of torture of collective torture is now over now we get back to our regular torture for regularly scheduled program of maintaining the terrible government status quo. That was already in progress. Yes except it seems like now that we have a new regime in office. Everybody has a little bit. More time on their hands to make bernie sanders memes but when they got bored of that what did they go to hard before before we talk about game stop and everything else. Let's just let's just take a moment to the bernie san well first of all we can appreciate the fact that trump is not in office anymore and he has no more control over anyone else would himself and probably a few dozen secret service workers or whatever but the collective majority of the planet is is out from under his grip now and now we have to deal with the aftermath in the rebuilding in the recovery phase of the covid induced. Coma that we've been in the past four years also. We still have a pandemic that we ed as a americans have not cared about. Were i mean vaccines are coming. I'm here more positive. News about vaccines spoke to some foreign friends of mine. The other day from other say spain because at the happens to be the country where they're from reason to say that's where they're frahm and They they are excited to get the vaccine over there and everyone else seems to be excited. I got friends in low places like Who is at the country's i got. Yep that's the who sing at. The inauguration did he. Yes did you know. I should've government way shape or form but it was probably the first inauguration. I think i saw obama's some of obama's first inauguration. Yeah this was since. That's the only other one i've ever seen and i watched some of this in garth brooks sang at it. I would never thought i what you think. Oh amazing grace. He's saying amazing. Many like just the joy had like hugging presidents. i thought maybe he would have saying the thunder rolls because just because you know the

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