A highlight from BK Previews NFL Draft with Johnny Avello & Panthers No. 8 Pick with Alaina Getzenburg


Daily. Putt jazzed with brandon krisztal. I want everything. I want all the meatballs and pasta happy. Nfl draft eve broncos country. We're the way things work out. I was putting all this together earlier. In the day. And talking with johnny avello the head of the draft king sportsbook and was hoping to talk to somebody in carolina on the early side of the day then had a bunch of stuff happen and in the middle of the day. Teddy bridgewater gets traded. Your denver broncos something. They've been listening to this podcast. I've been predicting for the better part of six weeks. And i said it on rick lewis and dave logan show. I set it on big joe show. I said it. On broncos country tonight and it comes to fruition and in fact not only. Was i saying that it would happen. I was saying how to happen and so a little bit of dumb luck. Elena gets in bergamo. Talk with about the panthers. We were set to talk in the afternoon anyway. In the meantime teddy bridgewater gets dealt. And he's now a denver bronco and so on talking about what the panthers are gonna do it eight. We also have some broncos. Panthers related news to get into And so it's not. The biggest surprise in the world at the trade went down. The timing of that biggest rise either doesn't mean carolina won't take a quarterback and it doesn't mean that the broncos won't take a quarterback with the right. Qb ends up falling to them at eight or at nine and it doesn't mean they won't both trade back either. Let me lay out for you. What the trade means is. I've told some other media members and some random broncos fans have reached out to me and people that told this is gonna happen to before train retain bridgewater one doesn't make him the starter and two doesn't mean you're giving up on drew lock in three doesn't mean that you're not going to draft a quarterback of the one you like. Is there what it does mean is that you could get a guy with bona fide starting chops if you will enough snaps in his career in enough nine snaps but wins maybe not the best numbers in the world but a guy that has played a lot of football and now been in multiple systems including one that is similar to what he's in now with pat shurmur because he was with pat shurmur nine the play caller But they were together. When pat was a tight ends coach in minnesota. You get a guy that if the train comes off the tracks he can keep it on the track service coming off the tracks with drew lock. He can keep it on bucks for him and traded a sixth round pick. You didn't mortgage a future. You didn't promise that he'd start this guy that started in his career. He started forty nine games and he's twenty six and twenty three as a starter complete sixty six and a half percent of his passes and we know what he's capable of doing but i wasn't capable of doing. I think you notice ceiling as you notice. Floors he's kind of the anti drew lock right. He doesn't take chances but he also doesn't turn the ball over and cost. You games his best year ever touchdowns last year fifteen. He was nine touchdowns in two picks with the saints. In in that. sean. Payton offense and five games. So it's less than two and a half touchdowns a game with michael thomas and alvin kamara and all those weapons. Fourteen touch twelve picks as a rookie but completed sixty four that app percent of his passes as a rookie. The next sixty five point three percent fourteen. Td's both those two years twelve. Twelve ts nine tease. And then he blows his knee out and his out of football for basically two years that year with new orleans the first year he was he was oh and want. He started that final game of the year Memory serves me right. He won t one pick but last. Let's just fast forward when he had a fulltime starting four and eleven as the starter not all his fault christian. Mccaffrey wasn't there at all to lean on fifteen eleven picks thirty seven hundred yards. Teddy bridgewater is not going to blow you away. And that's not why he was brought in. He's brought him. Because i think this is a pretty good roster and if drew lock like i said falls off the takes a train drives off. The tracks can't get out of his own way camp. Stop turning the ball over. Then you'll end up with teddy bridgewater in week two week. Three week four. But it's almost impossible for them to win a quarterback competition because there won't be enough opportunity preseason games that won't be enough. Preseason practices there won't be enough and drew will understand what he's doing against vince. Yes i know. There's some new defensive backs but he's in year to this offense so drew is the incumbent starter will mark down will be the starter in week. One now. bills drafted drew lock. Probably traded by friday before around two starts

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