Tiger Woods was reportedly speeding but not impaired in Los Angeles-area crash


Share of Alex via new has said that the main cause of Tiger Woods is February car crash crash was speed and once his inability to negotiate a curve. According to the sheriff's Office. C s u V that Woods was driving reached a speed of up to 87 MPH, which was far greater than the 45 mile per hour speed limit in Rancho Palos Spirit Days. California Investigators said they did not seek a warrant for blood tests because there was no evidence of impairment or intoxication. Basically, so that doesn't mean there wasn't right. There was no evidence there was no need to test for them. Not that I'm saying there was, but I was not clear on that before. Well, the captain did say of the police department, Woods said. He was not under any medication or had not been drinking. So he said, So there you go. We'll

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