A highlight from Inspired Conversations: Ep 5 The Debate


The more that we can have quiet and stillness the more were able to feel and see. God hey everybody. I'm ashley i'm chris and meredith. We want to welcome you to inspire conversations. The podcast study of the book inspired slaying giants. Walking on water. And loving the bible again by rachel held evans. The book is available in paperback and audio. So please follow along with us. Even if you aren't reading along. I think you'll still find this conversation beneficial and entertaining on your faith journey today. We're going to dive into a discussion around the chapter. The debate and wisdom stories cricket going on now we have no wisdom. No one's maybe some knowledge. Yeah i mean. I feel i feel good that i that i read this chapter. That is happy to say that. I read it. Yes this this was a rough one. I know that lots of people sitting at this little table that were a. Don't love this chapter of the bible. The job about the job and not again from arrested development over. Yeah it's just. There's really no way to make job on. Its surface. Happy right good or anything. That's not just kind of depressing. Right thirty get jazzed about job. It a little bit more lighthearted than last week though is that because it's less sadder because they did less description on how his whole family perished didn't think it crushed by a tenth. Yeah it didn't the win. The blow over in the also attorney. Yeah it was like a big party. They were having all suffocated in attempts tight. Just like what all right. So let's let's let's this ten. Let's sweet god so this week's story. The debate is based upon the book of job. But let me give us a little bit of background about what it means to be a wisden story. And i'm gonna use. Mostly rachel held evans words in the protestant bible. The book of job in proverbs ecclesiastes and song of solomon are generally grouped together and categorized as wisdom wisdom. Literature can take the form of short didactic insights as in the book of proverbs or poetry. As in the book of psalms and song of solomon or story and soliloquy as in the book of job and ecclesiastes the bible's wisdom literature includes everything from admonitions against getting drunk erotic poetry that would make e l. james splash to ruminations of a wealthy sage suffering an existential crisis to an acrostic poem extolling the virtue of an excellent wife. Man those are in. Rachel held evans words. She's themselves some toilet letter words. Some toll point yards. That's the wisdom stories. Okay so now that we know that job is part of the wisdom literature. We're going to give a little over view of that and we're not gonna use as many twelve point words words this time around. We're going to be dumbing down because jobs pretty depressing. So and kristen wrote it was not a statement against chris we just we just don't want to spend more time here than we a. We want to move on okay. Job was a man who did everything right even god referred to as a righteous man. He basically had it all great family wealth his health all the things but then one day when god was hanging out with all the heavenly beings satan or the accuser came to god and basically said that the only reason that job is loyal is because god has blessed him and he hasn't seen hardship so god gave satan permission to inflict suffering on job and satan was convinced that joe would then turn away from god. Oh that's nice now back on earth horrible. Things were happening to job. His whole family gets killed. He loses his livelihood developed some really bad skin problems and then entered jobs. Friends there are three of them who are convinced that job must have sinned or done something bad in order to have all of this suffering put upon him job wasn't buying it. He didn't believe that his sins caused any of this to happen to him. Which we know is true. Based on the conversation. We heard from god and satan job on an emotional rollercoaster. One minute he believes. God is fair and just another minute. He's cursing the day he was born. Finally god comes down to talk to job. God doesn't give him a straightforward answer as to why jobs sufferings but god does show him. How god's hands are in all the details of every tiny thing that is part of the universe from the birth of a baby deer to the rise and fall of the sun and even to the creatures that may provoke fear. all of god's creation is good god. Rebukes job's friends for not speaking the truth and eventually jobs health and wealth restored through his experience. Job learns to trust god in the good and in the bad. That's good for job. Good summary Just a really weird story. So i'll say so. The first time a couple years ago i was like i'm going to read this bible and so i did one of those like new year's resolution january apps in the bible and things were going well and then i got to job and then i read job and then i stopped reading the bible.

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