MLB All-Star Game Moved Out of Atlanta

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Big announcement from georgia major league baseball moving. It's twenty twenty one all star game out of atlanta georgia in reaction to the state's controversial new voting law on friday. Major league. baseball made a move. That caught many people off guard and reignited a very charge debate. Then league commissioner said today that moving would be the best way to demonstrate our values as a sport major league baseball to fear last from liberal atmosphere. Absolutely art in the major league baseball has selected denver and the colorado rockies as the new home for the summers all star game today amid all the noise surrounding the decision. Evan drellich breaks down. When actually drove. Commissioner rob manfred to move the game. This wasn't about the commissioner of thirty mostly white republican billionaires waking up and saying. We're gonna have a new moral compass today. Mlb wasn't trying to make this great political stan. Rather it felt that he was going to make a political stand either way from wondering in the atlantic. I'm under sculptor. it's wednesday april seventh. And this is billy so even before we get into the controversy. Can you just remind what was the original plan for the twenty twenty one. Mlb all star game. Who's going to be a smooth calm week down in atlanta georgia where you would have the all star game. The home run derby the draft and basically a week of fan festivities around all those events. Henry was amanda greece manner patients after the passing henry aaron to to have the game in atlanta where he spent so much of his career was going to be a special part of it that you would have not just the game but this chance to commemorate one of the great heroes of the support of all time but will always be grateful for you showing all of rush how to chase our dreams.

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