Dan Gurney of NASCAR, F1, and Indy car fame

Past Gas


Dan gurney was born on april thirteenth. Nineteen thirty one the son of john gurney and roma sexton the to admit at oberlin college in ohio where they are nicknamed the golden couple for their good looks and talent. Wow that's pretty sick. yeah. I wonder if it was sarcastic. Go here comes the golden couple. Yeah like john. Gurney was like really into musical theater and could sing kinda well but land gurney johnny dead. Oh his dad and his mom were the golden couple. Yeah sorry guys come on. I'm just going to move on. it's my birthday. i'm already drone. Dan wasn't born with a silver spoon of privilege. But rather a gold star family achievement. His dad was the lead basso at the metropolitan opera of new york. And also saying on broadway. I nailed it. I was totally guessing that his dad was a way. You weren't even guessing you were joking. Joking oh my god. I love it. I have a lot of respect for people who can just stand up and sing in front of people. Because that's like my biggest fear. I can't do that one step ahead of the bad guy and the square deal only one. I can't afford my god level. Respect level just went through more. That came from go up after the pod. Wanting a simpler life. John relocated the family from new york to riverside california buying an operating a citrus orchard. And giving up the opera for oranges

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