A highlight from Running Realized Episode Four: Gender on the Trail and Ultra Scene


By tracks. Hi and welcome back to renting realized. I'm tina mia and i'm knox robinson and this is episode fourteen. We're we're still doing. This has been an amazing process again. We've had some incredible conversations really. It's been amazing to to kind of share this platform with these voices that we've you know met thus far. What have you been kind of experiencing. What a what have you been reflecting on. Now that were sort of in the thick of. I think what's coming to mind to me is the mola leland the more i realized that sioe much i do not know saif much more growing i have to do and that i wanna keep understanding. Every time i hear a different perspective it by up a whole new world of just looking. I guess looking out the world looking at things and i'm really enjoying Same things from different perspectives. And i'm thinking about yeah what else. There is left land. It's kind of exciting. Actually what about you. What did you say you had some friends who said that. They were surprised that they thought it was going to be more serious. And than they were surprised. By how fun the podcast is. I want to be more serious. I don't want to be fun. I'm going to be more hard hitting. I want to be like the walter cronkite of running podcasts. Now just start hitting harder in our in our upcoming episodes. Glimpse of what that looks like. Luckily they don't have to see what i like because it's an audio only format otherwise you know it'd be failing the ratings but i'm just i'm just i'm going to be like i'm gonna be like gayle. King gonna be like oprah on the album anybody who's coming on future episodes. It's gonna feel like harry and meghan markle. You wanna be outcry. I am all for you behind standing behind you to be pro with i all. I'm hearing what have you say you've learned that people thought it was was heavy. That's what you've taken from this. We'll people thought it would be heavy amend. People were surprised that. I'm i'm so Not only pretentious. But also supercilious. That's the thing and my ego is wounded. So i'm giving much more much more pretentious much more serious Starting with episode five because for episode four. I was still engaged. And i'm really excited to kinda like talk about What we what we've got going on today. Okay well Laconto licotta what that's going to be. Is there anything else you want to add about what what come to mind for you in the first few sites joke society in actually. I'm really excited that this crazy idea that you cooked up for the podcasts. In the first place is really showing itself to be an opportunity for people to share those stories. That maybe we haven't heard before. Of course we're making mistakes. Of course where you know framing things up perhaps in an awkward or unexpected way. But that's because we really committed to kind of getting out there and and hosting these conversations. So i'm glad we're doing that very thing. Yeah absolutely so do you know what are we talking about today. Today we're gonna talk about and gnome. Binary inclusion and running and how unexpectedly the score of trail running is leading the way in creating policies and practices to make runners so welcome say and seen at the races fast. We're going to hear a story from val belisario aquar- nonbinary trail an ultra arena. We're going to have a discussion with patti flint. An endurance athlete runner and a cyclist and senior consultant at the equality institute in chicago then a breakdown in coats action on how the listener can take immediate next steps on being an active participant in supporting trends and nonbinary runners funneling excerpt from the poem zone of rarity read by author j mays the third a black trans queer poet and educator based in seattle by way of philadelphia. All right. let's say from savell

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