A highlight from #130: A Birth Mothers Perspective on Open Adoption and Post-Placement Support with Ashley Mitchell


See you inside. Welcome to the adoption connection. Podcast where we share resources by and for adoptive and foster moms. I'm lisa qualls and this is melissa. Corkum don't worry we get it and we're here for you friends. Welcome to episode one thirty. The adoption connection podcasts. We have another phenomenal story. This week and likely mentioned last week we love to bring you different. Voices and perspectives from the adoption triad. And probably one of the most underrepresented sides of the triad is the birth mom voice and of course. Lisa is a birth mom and she was able to sit down this week and chat with ashley mitchell who is also a birth. Mom has another remarkable story to tell an as a strong woman she really is. We had such a great conversation and it was a unique opportunity for me to connect with another birth mother. Which just does not happen all that often. So ashley mitchell is the owner of big tough girl and the founder and executive director of lifetime healing foundation. She said out to seek increased care understanding and resources for birth. Mother's so for over a decade ashley has been one of the most consistent and sought after birth mother voices really in the nation. She is well known for her candor. Her vulnerability in her transparency and adoption and her story has touched the hearts of countless members of the adoption community. and beyond. and i will cussin' you that if you are listening with young children around we do tackle some very mature subjects and so you might want to use Wisdom in whether you wanna listen with some earbuds or waiting listen later but i hope you

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