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Hi everyone welcome. Back to ageless so as you guys know. This weekend is mother's day and we wanted to do a little episode in honor of mother's day obviously where mother daughter podcast and this podcast was started. Our anniversary of two years is almost on mother's day two years ago so we wanted to do a little honorary episode. Obviously i just want to preface this with. We know that mother's day can be a super hard time for people who don't have a traditional relationship with their mom or people who have lost their mom etcetera so just recognizing that up front but today we wanted to do a fun. Little light hearted episode. And i'm going to interview my mom today so welcome to the show. I'm excited mother's day is kind of my favorite holiday. Well obviously because you just get to be honored in dire day. What do you like better mother's day or your birthday way mothers day mothers day. I don't like my birthday okay. Try to pretend like it doesn't exist. This is called. Ageless so yeah. I show you worried about. Yeah definitely not definitely no. I just like i love mother's day. 'cause i've a great mom. My grandmother was amazing and being a mom is to me. The the best thing that's ever happened to me. That's cute. be our pretty lucky over. Here will say okay. I think it's jump right in. I wanna ask first. You mentioned grandma ingraham but what was your relationship with grandma when you were growing up and how do you think it's different also from ours. I think it's pretty different. I think that i grew up in a small town so there wasn't anywhere to go. We did ally are always doing fun things but it wasn't like a whirlwind childhood of stimulation in art and culture and everything like that. It was pretty small town existence and then at a certain point. I guess when i was about seventeen will i remember. My parents always saying that when you turn eighteen you can do whatever you want. That was usually when. I asked to do something that they didn't want me to do. They would always say when you turn eighteen. You could do whatever you want. And so when i turned eighteen i really started doing whatever i want. And they went along with that in my parents. Let me drive cross country with a girlfriend multiple multiple times with no cell phones in vintage cars and everything you know. We were in very dangerous sometimes or precarious situations that my parents. I think just decided that. At a certain point i was on my own and they were no longer responsible exactly. Yeah i had signed a waiver that they no longer had responsibility for me and so they let me really do what i want which is different than how we are. Don't control anything that you do. But i know that you're safe you know and i know pretty much where you are. Yeah whereas i think longs at your esters exactly long stretches where my parents. I'm sure had no idea where i was. If i was alive or dead. You know really yeah. It was just like that. I think that is also like a part of being constantly on social media like you can just check my instagram story. If you didn't know where. I was exhaustively answering my phone. And if there's nothing on my instagram story probably in trouble when i was born obviously we had a few years that it was just the two of us. What was that like for you. Because obviously you didn't plan on being a single mom right off the bat but you were for a little bit and obviously like you're so busy and stuff like that. So what was that like for you.

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