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Should uk government discourage all leisure international travel the regional election in madrid heads up as an outspoken. Anti lockdown candidate leads the race and uk successfully trials. The i live music event since the start of the pandemic monocle. Staff tackle does in today on the late edition here and monocle twenty four. Hello and welcome to delay tradition here monocle twenty four. I'm carlotta rabelo. I'm joined here in studio one atmosphere house in london by monaco. Twenty four fernando and page reynolds both back to the show page. It's nice to have you with us on a monday for a bit of a change. Tell us what have you been up to. What can you tell us from your weekend. I actually had a bit of a a bit of a quiet one this week and in fact you actually no. I was up to this week. Because i came to you for counsel for advice i have a a monastery a cheese plant. That was looking a little bit a bit sad and you told me that i needed to report it. So the garden center got some new planting soil. But i actually forgot to get a part. What essential for reporting a plan. Yes i'll be back back at the garden center. Maybe maybe later today. We'll see well. We are looking forward for that update on the late edition. Do stay tuned for the trials of pedro cheese. Plant fernando were you one of the many millions of people glued to your screen last night for the finale of the british show of or have you been watching something different. I always on monday. We talk about what you've been watching on the weekend. So i'm curious. I love the question to be honest. I haven't. I didn't watch the line of duty you know as an entertainment reporter. I'm very curious. The british love that series and i think the ratings are more than twelve million people watching that. That's an incredible number. But you know what. I was watching. The big brother brasil the big finals on tuesday. So suddenly was a big edition of the show. And now we have only to People there chameleons really. You know who knows. It's a big success in brazil. Still i think the twenty first or twenty second edition but still you know everybody talks about brothers still going and brazil and doing fluential and my money is usually. I mean if you wanna bet. She is the clear favourite this year. Well you need to start dots petition to get yourself on celebrity big brother in brazil sometime soon page fernanda great having you both here on the late edition. Let's start today with a look at international travel from the uk. The public is waiting for announcements on. Just exactly what is going to be permitted when and how following the release of a traffic light like system to rank countries between green amber and red but today the all party. Parliamentary group on kron virus told the government it should discourage all international leisure travel in order to protect the uk from different variants of the virus Page this is all of course regarding the upcoming day till the seventeenth of may when other people expect these restrictions to be dropped What do you make of this. Shoot there be limits on international travel or who. Which side are you on in this debate. Well it's a it's a very tricky question and of course it's it's not only a question. of six and infrastructure and politics is an emotional question as well. I mean we were having little preamble chat fernando an eye and of course i'm from the uk. And i just get to stay where i'm from. I'm from my home country different situation for you finan of different situation for you call lots of so it's definitely not without Isn't without some new ones. I think this question having said that the seventeenth of may feels very very soon. That's what two weeks time. And you know we're all seeing what's happening across the world. I mean particularly in india. And i think that some of our people have caught the eye on does indian variant. That it's already in the uk that is concerned about how that's going to spread and you know what the biggest concern of this traffic light. System is how it's actually going to operate within the airport. Now i'm not sure if there have been reports from heathrow gatwick. The big kind of. Tom knows within the uk. But how the actually gonna make this happen from a logistical perspective. But it seems like it's going to be pretty tricky. I mean how do you really separate people who've coming from red countries Countries and green countries. How do you make sure that someone from unread country doesn't go to the loo at the exact same time as someone who's from a green country and i'm sure they're thinking about all of this but also it's only two weeks ago. I didn't know just how much you can actually do from a logistics perspective within an apple in this amount of time and also feels like we've spent a lot of this pandemic in the uk on the on the back foot and the vaccines have come along with. Done something proactive. Here's another to do something proactive. Instead of reactive. And i just think maybe we could sit tight for a little bit longer. I mean we're already Kind of you know zero level in terms of rory disappointed. We've just had three months of lockdown. You know. I think we hold on a little bit longer. But what's going to be really difficult is if we're allowed to travel and then it gets taken away from us again. That's going to be really really difficult. Both i think from an emotional perspective but also just how the government gonna police that an make government policy to to respond to people's needs. Well then you risk without a travel system. The traffic light system to be in a situation similar to what happened last year with travel corridors wet people would go to a destination that was within the travel corridor and within a forty eight hour notice.

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