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You heard one and welcome the couples therapy. My name is andy. I m naomi. we are real life couple. Couple of comedians and odd couples therapy in twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty one. We answer a couple different questions from a couple different listeners. Now me my what's up. I mean we're coming to them humbled injured. I just had our first physical examinations with a medical professional boy for the first time since at least twenty nineteen early thousand nineteen good high. Cholesterol needs a follow up appointment to tackle the rest of her issues. So we are really you know it's time to make a change. It's so funny. So i got my lab results just as some candy naomi some some vegan. Gumy's naomi arrived. I'm just like looking at them into looking at my test. Results will commit that look. I'll tell you what though the cholesterol is. Not that apple. I don't know what the metric is. Something's or whatever like a handful over the top end of five over the top end something like that. I think one of them was not know. I need you to live forever. Yeah okay. I'm always supposed to be the first to go think i'll be honest. It's a genetic thing. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I agree you really are eating cheese. The way you used to know. And you're vegetarians. Are think it's just gonna be safe. Yeah yeah. I think it's genetic because my grandfather died of a heart attack. Wow okay the another beckerman illness. Beckerman bloodline is v. delicate. I don't know what would possibly give him a heart attack. I don't know was like fighting in world war shoe on normandy you. I'm sure that didn't damage him. That's give him high blood pressure. That was just a bruce workout. Yeah i've seen saving private ryan. That seemed like nothing. That was joe. Chilin fund it was the time to get together with your buds. Yep grandpa beckerman. Nothing nothing really. Ib immigrating from europe to escape pogroms. Was it do what could possibly give it. You stress stress xactly. Jeez louise. But i didn't look i went into the doctor with with a dang doomsday. Scroll i said. I have a lot to discuss. I've made a lot of mistakes and literally. She was like okay. We don't have time for all of this. I'm gonna need you to follow up. And so in the interim what. I imagined him. It was someone with like one of those long trump anything's may and then you unroll. The scroll before i got in the the problems. The scrolled is rolls down the like almost like a red carpet of red carpet of illness. I stood in the hallway. Yeah i said in the hallway and she just kinda read it. And i just said any thoughts that you read you hang at the truth. She really did. She was like. I want you to live. It was like wow what a medical professional looks you in the eye and says i want you to live. It says come with me if you live in like all right all right. It's time they my dearest. My love my sweet betrothed for the rest of our lives may be longer than the doctor tells me they will be. Who's our guest on today's episode. Oh this is a fun. Would we are talking to the hilariously. Wonderful solomon giorgio. Hell yes yano solomon. You've got to ask somebody solomon stand up using him onto queens kenny. Solomon a writer he's written for shrill high-fidelity so many others salom is a gift to us. He also co hosts. The new los angeles live show called the old days at spoke bicycle. Cafe and that is a monthly show. The may show will be coming up. Soon follow solomon together dietz. You'll be on that one right. I believe i will eat for show in the world. So huge. If you live in los angeles and naomi has not done stand up live in over a year and you wanna see ya what happens coming out yet. It's also outdoors outdoor so even though says cafe outdoor space so you'll be masked and safe or not. Hey the cdc says you don't have to as long as it's not a lot of people around honey. It's going to be back. Well there's literally triple masks basco your eyes your ears and over your mouth before we get. Solomon you guys a couple of things. I had to tell you about solomon show already told you also also also you know you girls hosting a second podcast. Now it's called. I love a lifetime movie and yes it involves watching lifetime movies and recapping them. I hosted with the hilarious. Megan gailey who you may have heard on this show before and we're just having a good time. These movies are kuku bananas. If you are interested you can listen us discuss such movies as sleep. Walking in suburbia about woman was sick. Omnia pool boy nightmare which is about a murder she smelled. You can hold. Liz at one on dodge gonna say like going to let you say let them figure out whether it was really fake because honestly could be. I'm you can also talk to how. I met your murderer which is about a podcast or in the clutches of a murderer. I mean there's so much to do so if you're interested in just look up. I love a lifetime. Movie. it's a good time episodes. Drop every thursday. So you know couples therapy on tuesdays. I love a lifetime movie thursdays. We got a good week ahead. And no matter where you are whether you are in tibet or berlin tonight at we're doing another live streaming show who couples therapy quarantine party colon. Chemotherapy maybelline

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