Why We Are All Guests to Another Culture


For coming on immigrants and as you and i were talking about this earlier. This is my frist time in the studio after a year so if there are any glitches just ignore it. Yeah no that's so. Let's talk about in a minute. I want to start there. And i have somewhat can deep dive into your brand and i am so impressed with it. So what i like about. Your brand is how you bring simple ingredients and it's based on eastern traditions. But we see a lot of plans out there. That are doing the same thing right. There are small boutique. Brands that have focused on eastern traditions eastern medicine and listrik health practices. What do you think sets in amid apart from all the other brands that we have out there so many brands out there. I'm well aware of the landscape. And i think i don't take a very overt position with the eastern culture but because i haven't eastern background a lot of the narrative and a lot of the messaging and intention is going to feel different. I would say majority of the brands are out. There are not own by an eastern like east asians or even asians like they're mostly white owned but it's a beautiful space because there's a lot of women and i think everyone's trying to find like their take on where they can just help. People obviously supplements or nutrition or herbs are like really powerful in what they do for you but for inner mead like it's been like a brand that i think is trying to speak more on the subtle philosophy of eastern wellness. And i love that. That's something that i feel. We are missing in that ecosystem. Right now. i am. Fabric fasted by how lifestyle blogger saying california could have the same depths of knowledge as. Let's say somebody who has been passed on that information through generations and has learned from the master right. we see that with a lot of east

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