A highlight from Why Bitcoin Is Making Some Legendary Investors Emotional


Welcome back to the breakdown with me. And i'll w it's daily podcast on macro bitcoin and the big picture. Power shifts remaking. Our world the breakdown sponsored by dot. Io dot org and genesis trading and produced and distributed by coin test. What's going on guys. It is monday may third and today's one of the types of shows where it's kind of like an extended brief. Each of the topics is shorter than a full length. Show a little bit longer than a brief. It's because there's a lot of different news that justifies part of his show but maybe not the whole show to kick it off. Let's talk about the controversy from this weekend. There were two examples of people ragging on bitcoin. This weekend that had the community inflamed. The i was comedian. Bill maher he tweeted. Crypto currency is like tinker bell's light its power sources based solely on enough children believing in it and unfortunately what is real is that its growth could single handedly push global temperatures above the tipping point of two degrees celsius. He then linked to a video of his eight minute segment on this topic so a few thoughts about this. I i swear. I don't know anyone who gives a crap about anything. Bill maher has to say about anything anymore. he's been so amorphous and unclear about who is trying to piss off. I guess maybe some weird set of people on the boomer gen-x cost who actually care but honestly at this point. I just don't know second. A huge number very important things in our lives exists only because big groups of people believed them to exist. It's kind of important part of human existence. So there's that third and much more importantly this

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