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Man have you been. I've been great busy with really you a little bit. How often do you go back and forth. Coast to coast every weekend from september through basically february until super bowl. Every time i get an a plane. And i have to fly like two and a half hours in a thirty minutes to lay them all. I think straight hannah's doing this literally every weekend. That's what is good for me because to be honest with you the most quiet peaceful six hours coming this way of my week right so if i if i wanted to be on the phone if i want to do email if i want to do that i can't but if you to take a nap which is mostly what i do then i can do that. But that's why don't complain too because my father worked really hard and if by biggest complaint is being on an airplane and sleepy right then. I got a problem. If i'm complaining about that so i i keep everything in check by thinking back to how hard in how realistic life is. In how you know. I've been very fortunate. I don't take it for granted. You're super thoughtful. You really think about shit. Like pretty deeply into go into some depth about like The neurochemical cascades and how to manipulate them and life philosophies and very specifically like not just because you've got this concept from your data. I believe of if it's when which okay most people leave it at the platitude. You went a lot deeper than that. What does like walk us through that philosophy. How do you bridge the gap from if to win. I think i actually got that from my dad without even knowing. I don't even know if he knew what he was doing. Yeah i think it it is. He's just a hard driving person. He grew up with nothing in the back with of texas and gate texas. I don't even know if the town exists anymore. And he decided to leave and he went to the army and descend listed and he was a soldier for twelve years and he realized. I can't be it can't be officer. I can't really advance education. He got out of the army after twelve years had five kids and me on the way with the privy university and when it's all program called him old man you can't do this. You can't do that and he graduated magna cum laude of the rotc class. and so. i can't tell him what i can't do right. Because he's been a lot tougher situation. He's done it and i just remember the kid be into working out and doing all those things with him because they started to work out when i was thirteen and a little chunky and my brothers called me bob which is of course. You read the book bob which meant booty on back and they say you can grab your wallet over your shoulder. You'll have to reach behind you. It hurt me man. i'm thirteen years old crushed. I'm the youngest of six in the in. The youngest four boys. And i bought the jane fonda workout book started doing the the leg lifts in the book kicks and my dad saw that and he said hey we can go to the gym and he read muscle and fitness magazines and all these these workout magazines and he right out programs and we go to the gym. You had to read. How many reps and how much weight it. He kept meticulous log of things. And i always want to be there. The he could tell and i don't know what it was when you tell it. Thirteen fourteen fifteen year old kid that we did it until i went off to college was hanging there to pay off one day. Now he's telling this to me. And i'm living in germany right like i'm in the states and i played football next year. You're to have a great football season and then you can get a scholarship. It was hanging their son. It'll pay off one day. And years later he woke up and said hey. I think you're good enough to play football. Think you'd get a football scholarship germany. That's what's weird. It's not like you're playing every day and you know really around. I watch you but i didn't play really know all the nuances or any of the techniques or anything about the game and he just said hey you can do it. You're going to go to houston. You're going to stay with your uncle. You're going to get a football scholarship. And being i guess naive i said okay. Nobody be quiet on the plane. I go see my uncle. David michael for five months play one year. Football high school at westbury high school in houston got one scholarship to texas southern university and didn't care where it was. I miss it with accomplished. And i went back to germany that december i graduated high school over there and my dad never told me if he'd never doubted me said you're going to do this. You can do that from a kid until we won the super bowl until you know all these things that are happening now. He's never doubted me. And i don't know if it was by design. I don't know if you sent me the houston because he just was too cheap to pay for college. It worked out in my mentality. I have adopted that with for myself with my my kids. It's if you really want something bad enough. It's not going to be easy in. You can see where you want to go but there are so many things you're gonna have to go through to get there but truly if you focus and know where you want to end up you'll be. There may not be at that time you want. It's just now kind of immediate for most people but you'll eventually get your time to that. It's such a powerful belief and you talk a lot about that in the book. And and so i- judge books in a very critical fashion. Which is either the information is usable. Or it's not and then if it's usable. If i do it will it work or not Your book is both useable meaning. There's clear very action oriented steps. It's not just like an autobiography. It's like hey do this. And this is what i did. If people do what you say in the book it will actually work like. It's really incredible advice and it has fantastic backing in your understanding of the brain and all of that. It's you make decisions this ship. The you you make choices in your life you program your mind either. Be happier not as a choice that you make is not something that somebody else makes for. You is not not even your situation no matter what the situation you truly do. Make the choice to be happy that situation or not and we also have the ability to change a situation that we're not happy with talk a little bit about that because if anybody that doesn't know the legendary beef that you had with the final coach at the giants such a powerful what i'm talking about specifically is is that you switched right so you come in hot heads you then in the end. You said that if you were going to go back. He's the only one that you'd go back play. yeah. I absolutely hated tom. Coughlin and Not long ago that the giants monday night game to deduct payment to the ring of honor which was like amazing for me because this is a guy by first meeting with him. And i'd been in the nfl for eleven twelve years. My first meeting with the guy. And i felt as if he was dismissive.

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