What to Know About Updated Mask Guidance in DC Area


D. C is making yet another change to its mask mandate for fully vaccinated people Mayor Muriel Bowser, reversing an indoor mass guidance she issued just last night. Earlier, Bowser stated that fully vaccinated people could shed their masks while walking through common areas of their apartments, condos or co ops fully vaccinated. People also allowed to enter businesses without masks all those of the portions of the Friday night order that were reversed this afternoon. Under today's order, fully vaccinated people can on Lee shed their masks indoors at small private gatherings. New guidance from the CDC says vaccinated people can safely remove their masks out. Doors unless they're at a crowded event. In a one on one interview, Dr Anthony Fauci broke down the announcement with W. T. O P s Meghan Cloherty. The risk of getting infected outdoors is very, very low, and I passed people being on the C and O canal or in my neighborhood, and you see them alone without anybody within 100 yards of them wearing a mask. It's a step in the right direction. But if I'm vaccinated, shouldn't I be able to do more than just the outside without a mask on? I think a lot of people are wondering when I'm going to be able to doom or inside, you know, it's really going to depend on two things. The level of virus dynamics in your community and the relative number of people that are vaccinated. See our whole interview with Dr Fauci on w t o p dot com and what he says about when you can lose the mascot

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