A highlight from Chapter 6: Burden of Proof

O.C. Swingers


And ethical challenges after hearing what we're caucus and his chief of staff said in their sworn depositions spitzer says he is unable to provide the victims or the defendants with a fair trial. This is not a close call. Says it is a blatant abuse of power and misuse of government resources. For personal gain. By the former administration he continues. There is no doubt that the orange county district attorney's office cannot legally and ethically prosecute this case. He also expresses disgust with how victims have been treated saying they were shamelessly exploited for a publicity stunt less than a week later. He gets his response from the ag hard no. Your primary concern appears to be that the former district attorney and his chief of staff purportedly used misleading information to exploit pretrial publicity for election purposes. The letter reads in fact. Assume the former administration's actions created a conflict of interest. Your election to district attorney effectively ended that conflict in other words. You're the da. Now do your job so spitzer stuck with the case. And because he's already said that he can't trust within the file because it's riddled with omissions and errors from the previous fame hungry administration. He does this. He signs to new prosecutors to the case. Karen stookey and richard zimmer to complete a novo review of the evidence to novo as in latin for from the beginning more than a year after the arrest and more than three after the first alleged rape was reported. A new team begins looking. Into the case against grant robichaud answer riley and on february fourth. Two thousand twenty. Todd spitzer tries to get rid of the case for good from justin harman and audio chuck this is. Oc swingers chapter six burden of proof chase on the bench. Shanna pa she made some passes at man in the dark. They began running alone through the night when she began loving the put up now fi

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