A highlight from Ep. 46: 'He Still Hit It First' (For the Love of Ray J Season 2) w/ Special Guest Jimmie Dave Menezes

The Trash


Sweet sweet trash like fuck me up you you will. I guess you wouldn't think that. As a man i was going to say as you would think that getting assaulted it would be your worst fear. Walk into a comedy show. But i've shit on myself. I'll walk into a comedy show and that's my worst fear. Now i don't wanna do that again. Attended say depending on the venue like it might help fit in actually telling you. I'll i'll be honest because it's not there anymore. I was walking to brainwash An emergency then accidentally. Should i myself had to take off my underwear throwing away in this clean up in the the was a laundromat. Shoes have quarters. So whatever. Joe tony can i get like two twenty five and quarters. Wash my pants as shit louis agreed. Just get push push your last answer. Your pants will be cleaned by actually did open with that but no one bout serious. So kinda word. Now you mentioned. I think i do recall you saying that. Their pants guys like she should buy pants guys other words. Yes i am garbage. Sorry fellas nine ten to do that. Anyway i'm nate spears. This is sara. Sorry oh i didn't even get to do my intro our. That's what i said. Sarah you going to be a savage bad bitch ride around in my new wave ski. Poor two cups of the ways. We don't get it rolling through your any. At least it's not white boy summer. At least i'm not singing white boy summer. You might as well be point. Everybody it's a white boy summa. I think those lyrics. Hey i'm jim bruno i would prefer if you just think those are the lyrics and if you never know the actual lyrics been lyrics spears trash happening right now. There's gonna be some sounds that you can't hear jimmy. Sorry about that I'm going to one day sunday. Post-production dude it's totally cool. I understand exactly like you know. Sometimes i'll go in. And i'll just make myself sound like brad pitt. 'cause i can do that like you know. Yeah yeah and he makes me. Sound like morgan freeman. That'd be anything i would make. You sound like gilbert godfrey that would be. I'll say you commissions. I wonder if i can do gordon. Jesus christ jim cornet wrassling wrassling. Oh touch wrestling. It's been so long. He's an old guy. I feel like he. He's like one of those podcast guys. It's like you know like seventy doing podcast while steeds eighty w nine wrestling died for me. i was a little kid and i was watching wrestling and edge edge. Got like body slammed onto a table. And then i saw edge. Rollover put his hand to his mouth and then robak over and there was blood on his mouth. And then i was like oh shit. It's fake just like sent you away sent me towards wrestling. Because i'm not into sports or anything so when i found it was acting. That's when i got interested. I'm like oh it's theater. Signed me up. Oh they really aren't around oil down. That was my. I was like. Oh they're all just queers. They're all please couldn't why you said it they're saying that joke. Al qaeda was on it. Because i realized there's like a senior robocop like cops is all there and i remember being a little kid invited. Paul barron kind of stuff and then much like all. They're all accurate. Academicals i fucking under your fucking undertaker's weird eating really get into any type of wrestling. Until i was in a well when i was little kid and i found it was fake. I was like that's kinda cool then like that must be really hard to get on college. Didn't let me finish. I'm sorry i got really into it when i was in theater school. Because we were doing Stage combat so we were learning how to like fake fight each other and then my roommates at the time had the ww network shit you know and we watched. We watched lighten house or whatever legend and it was like the surreal life with old man wrestlers. And that's when i was like all right. I think i'm a wrestling fan. Ric flair tell stories. Beat on cocaine. You're like okay this. So how how are you doing jimmy. Oh by the way before people were like who the fuck is this guy. Random disembodied voice. That's you won't introduce your partner crimes. I dunno while nate actually were not like partners in crime. Were technically the world's cutest comedy show production team even though i've been out of the uterus world production team. We did vikings hobby which is starting back up. You one show and you're on the second one. Yes i am. Because i'm better get maxed baby but yeah this is you're gonna you're gonna wanna be back and that's why like i know. These mother fuckers are not going to be up on raw all the stages outside There's outside seating which was basically all the comic showed up. Forget that are already there. There's like thirty comic galley her And then the comic show an inside of and members and their friends family and yet either. There's need gallery did you say is not so. Yeah it is. Jimmy dot tree the hall nachos that people are just buffy. Styling for like if you're not like if it was carry ball internet so

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