European MPs Targeted by Deepfake Video Calls

The CyberWire


Someone impersonating a spokesman for imprisoned russian opposition figure alexander navalny conducted zoom meetings with european parliament members. The sessions featured. What the guardian and nl times called a deepfake video call purporting to be volley associate leonid volkov which volkov himself said looked pretty convincing. Speculation about responsibility for the incident has focused on vo van and lexus. Two well-known russian prank callers pranksters and such nuisance. Humorous are known. The incident is of course troubling for coming at a time when navalny is imprisoned and on a life threatening hunger strike and it's worth noting that relatively senior political officials were taken in by the scam but to place it in perspective. This is more shock jock stuff than it is a spore of new and devilish lena. Various approach to disinformation technically. It's a cut above the kind of jerk who had called the live news coverage to holler bubba buoy during the slow motion. Chase of oj. Simpson's bronco down the four zero five in los angeles but let's keep it in perspective. The lesson is that video that appears genuine alive call need not be and that some authentication beyond look and feel is necessary but we already knew that it's even become atropine gag insurance commercials where there's a guy video conferencing with his move colleague and so forth. At any rate on balance not very funny and vo von alexis themselves aren't novices. We note. they pranked to name. Just three sir. Elton john the duke of sussex and senator bernie sanders but of their targets have been critics of the russian regime. Mr putin himself has not been pranked and seems unlikely to be

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