A highlight from #129: An Adoptees Remarkable Search with Ed Di Gangi


You know that we highly value hearing all parts of the adoption triad and we love presenting a diversity of voices and today we have a very remarkable and unique interview. That melissa does our guest. Ed ganji is an adoptee who did not search for his birth family until he was almost seventy and i honestly enjoyed this interview so very much. And i think you're going to also melissa. Can you tell us more about ed. Yes so. Ed was adopted at birth in new york city. He's an only child and really didn't second guess as option story. He didn't have a lot of questions adopted until he was in his late sixties. I don't give away too much of it here. Because he does such a fantastic job of telling it he and his wife. Linda live in hillsborough north carolina. And they have one son james so without further ado. I'm gonna let ed tell his story ed. Welcome to the adoption connection podcast. It's so good to have you here melissa. Thank you so much for inviting me to join you. Yeah so we often highlight stories of folks from all sides of the adoption constellation. Try it as it were and you reached out to us with really just an incredible story and your adopt yourself and so i'm really excited to kind of let our listeners. In on your story your. I am a baby scoop. Era adopted him approaching my seventy third birthday now and i was brought home from the hospital. My adoptive parents at a day old. So i you know this goes back to nineteen forty as and the story begins there. Yeah and we We don't there aren't many adoptees ignore generation who are sharing their stories. And i think that's really important because so much has certainly changed in the landscape of adoption over the last few decades or agree with you totally. I think that was an era of secrecy sometimes just because it was a shameful type of thing other times because the baby doesn't need to know and he'll be fine and it was done with all good intentions. You know. today. I think the the adoption landscape is far more wide open with open adoption and discussion and the and the adoptee knowing his roots. Do you remember when you first realized you were adopted. Or how long did that take. Because like you just mentioned we weren't having as many of these open conversations and of course you were a white baby adopted into a white family and so there was no reason like in my case. Korean baby adopted two two white parents so at some point in time someone was going to noticed. So what do you remember about your adoption story.

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