Q1 Tesla Earnings Report and Shareholder Letter Analysis


Our here and today we're going to go through with tesco's earnings report. They just reported earnings. They did deliver a beat reading through all the numbers here and then a couple of takeaways from the call and then we'll also after this livestream head into the earnings call and will livestream that as well. I'll take notes so make sure to check that out the link for that will be in the show notes but let's get into the numbers here so starting off with top line here we can see tussles. Total sales came in at just over ten point. Three billion ten point three eight nine billion as a little bit ahead of analysts consensus a little bit ahead of my numbers but basically in the right ballpark. We did see kind of a mixed. Though in between the categories automotive sales came in about where we expected but a lot of that was driven by regulatory credits. So tesla actually new record for regulatory credit sales. Quarter almost half. A billion dollars of fifty. Four percent more than expected for six percent higher than last year Fifty nine percent higher than what i had expected with three hundred twenty five million so that means that my average selling prices my forecast there were a little bit high. And tesla made up the difference there with regulatory credit sales energy sales so just about half a billion dollars there in revenue little bit below where the street had forecasted twelve percent below Thirty percent below where i had forecasted but still quite a bit of an improvement over year over year up seventy percent so if we look down here we can see that the reason i'm zoom in a little bit here. The reason that that happened was because tess only Four hundred and forty five megawatt hours of energy storage versus We look at you for almost three times more than three times that amount. So tesla definitely saw drop there in terms of energy storage That is leading to that lower revenue in energy sales. They also lost quite a bit of money on energy. You can see negative twenty percent gross margin there. That's definitely the lowest that we've ever seen from tesla and continues the down trend that we've been seeing for the last four quarters so not a great sign there but as we've seen tesla did raise the price on solar roof there now knowing solar with power wall. So they're doing a lot of things here to improve their profitability here. But we just haven't seen that come to fruition quite yet so hopefully over the next couple of quarters. Tessa can get that figured out. Because i was about one hundred million dollar drag on prophet which is pretty significant when we look at tesla's overall profitability

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