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What's going on. How have robotic do as back run. And i run with coral my bloodhound. We got back and our other dog or sarah's dog boo kind of prances out from the kitchen in that little stinker garnered trash at that story. Tell you a different story. Maybe like a week ago. You might have seen it on my instagram or my tiktok was about a week. God come home. And i go into the kitchen and coral is knows deep in the trash. It's everywhere in the kitchen. All right so much trash strewn about carl gets into a lot of trouble k. Gets yelled get sent to his little kennel reprimanded. I'm sitting there thinking. Oh my boo is such a good girl. She knew that what he was doing was wrong. She has gone upstairs and stayed out of trouble. Now's the night before that. I had been cooking fish. And so i had flowered the fish and pants here and everything. So there's a bunch of flower in the trash. Get a treat to go upstairs to boo. Because she was such a good girl. Go upstairs little i see. Oh yeah her snout is completely white like she's been hanging out with charlie sheen night long they'll stinker she got trash so i got back from run the day which by the way. I've now been diligent about closing the trash drawer so the dogs don't get in when i come back today. I'm sitting here thinking. I think carl was a patsy guy. 'cause boost somehow figured out how to open up the drawer and get the trash out. It's called into this time. We were prancing down ventura boulevard. I don't know i'm telling that story other than can't trust these dogs. You know what i'm saying. Let's

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