Biden Administration Appeals Religious Protection for Doctors


April. The nineteenth biden administration filed an appeal in a case that could force quote religious doctors and hospitals to perform potentially harmful gender transition procedures against their conscience and professional medical judgment. The case involves an obama administration ruined her putting the affordable care act. The rule was issued in two thousand sixteen and prohibited insurance companies and health care providers from discriminating against people on the basis of sex. Now the rule anticipated that discrimination on the basis of sex would soon legally include discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and the biden administration has now repeatedly pointed to the twenty twenty supreme court decision in the ball stott case which was written by justice neal gorsuch as now legally requiring this new way of seeing categories of sex if this new way of reading the rule stands insurance companies and providers may not deny access to medically necessary medication surgeries and other transition related treatments for transgender people. If similar services for example a hysterectomy would be covered for non transgender people. Now this would of course redefined completely. The concept of medically necessary ignoring the obvious difference for example between removing perfectly healthy organs and removing organs riddled with cancer. Also the rule contains no conscience protections for doctors or hospitals therefore catholic hospitals which do not perform hysterectomies except to preserve the life or physical. Health of a woman would be forced to violate catholic. Teaching there is legal challenges to the rule by faith based groups all of whom claim that the regulation violated the religious freedom restoration act have so far been

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